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Accept your creative gift

Sometimes we might think that creativity is something that belongs to artists, musicians, performers, and writers. However, creativity belongs to all of us! It doesn't matter if we don't paint or write, we can access the creative energy in everything that we do. Painting, dancing, writing, are amazing tools for self-expression but our creative force is much bigger than that. It has no limits and wishes to be free to flow without any constriction or control. In other words, we can explore that energy in so many ways!

A walk within nature can be a creative experience, where you observe all the colours around you, and connect with something bigger than yourself. That is what really happens when we create, we do connect with the life force within ourselves, the life force that permeates everything in this world.

Since we are alive we all have the creative life energy flowing through us. When we connect with that part of our being an inner power can be revealed, a feeling of pure life literally flows through our body, mind, and soul. We are a three-part being and it's very important to nurture the connection between these parts for our general wellbeing.

When we engage with the creative process, whether we are cooking, walking or painting, we receive a sense of openness and freedom. Our vision and perspective open up. We can say that creativity can be considered an attitude towards life, a way to embrace and enjoy life, a way to experience the essence of life, of who we are, rather than a skill or talent.

"We constantly create our life whether we are conscious or not". So why not accept this gift? Yes, we are creative. There is no need to apply any pressure to that word. Of course, a sense of responsibility might come along too, and here is where we can practice some kindness towards ourselves. Take a deep breath and keep creating.

photo credits maxime-bhm

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