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Art is for Everyone

The arts are powerful tools that we can use to reconnect with

who we are as souls and human beings alike. 

Often, the creative process receives a lot of controlling restrictions from our society. Perhaps we have learnt that only some people are "artists" and not everyone can sing, paint, dance or write.  

My job is to lift up the veil and show you the creative gifts of your spirit. 

Intuitive art invites to connect with our intuitive side and remember the most ancient wisdom of the arts. An holistic approach to the creative process allows for a safe and positive space to emerge where we can all access our natural ability to create. Classes and workshops invite us to express our inner voice through every creative modality we wish to explore. 


Sessions often combine Intuitive Arts, Guided Meditation, Nature Connection and Energy Therapy.





The classes provide a gentle and positive space for free expression, with the aim to develop an intuitive approach to the creative process. Art is used as a tool for pure self-expression, healing, and transformation.


Participants have the chance to work on any subject, emotion, or thought they wish to explore through the process. However, a general theme is always provided. A short guided meditation opens and closes the practice and helps to relax the mind and the body.

"Intuitive art is considered a spiritual practice designed to connect people with their intuition, creativity and inner guidance."

Intuitive Arts

Art in Sacred Space





These classes  invite us to become aware of our energy and to move inside ourselves a little more. Often they involve shamanic meditation or journeys that allow us to explore a vision or guidance for our life.


A Sacred Space is a safe and protected space. It is the space of the heart where only compassion, love and deep awareness can enter. Within a circle of love every experience that we have is supported and held by the space itself. To create a sacred space we only need our intention and good will.

Creating art in a sacred space allows us to explore our creative energy in a very profound way. The space supports us and holds us tightly so that we can access the full potential of the creative process with much more grace and ease.

Social Art

The events provide creative opportunities for the community and aim to make art more accessible to everyone. Experimenting with art in a friendly and positive environment allow us to experience the creative process and our natural capacity to create






These events are normally planned in unusual locations, like cafes, festivals, and galleries. Through the creative process, participants develop confidence and self-esteem, by pushing their limitations and moving outside their comfort zone.


Art creates a connection with our inner self and helps us to develop consciousness and happiness. Therefore everyone can benefit from being creative! Studies have shown that creative activities have many positive effects on the body and the mind. They have the power to unlock our full potential and can help us to embrace the present moment. Also, they relieve anxiety and tension and allow our imagination to run free.

Some reviews of our classes and courses

"My favourite word is ineffable - unable to be expressed with human words, that's the gratitude I feel for these 6 weeks!" H

"It was a wonderful journey within. I looked deep into my soul and remembered some very essential memories and values I am holding within - things I perhaps don't think about on daily basis" J

"A lovely peaceful course that lets you explore your spirituality through paint and play!" C

It was a reminder to be with myself. Of course, we are all with ourselves all the time but stopping and remembering to be so can be problematic. But taking the time to be consciously here was what I needed" H

"In particular I liked trying to go beyond my security and listening more to my intuition; sharing good energies" S



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