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Art is for Everyone

The arts are powerful tools that we can use to reconnect with

who we are as Souls and Human Beings alike. Creativity is freedom.

Often, the creative process receives a lot of controlling restrictions from our society. Perhaps we have learnt that only some people are "artists" and not everyone can sing, paint, dance or write.  

My job is to lift the veil and show you the creative gifts of your spirit. 

Intuitive art invites us to connect with our intuitive side and remember the ancient wisdom and purpose of the arts. An holistic approach to the creative process allows for a safe and positive space to emerge where we can all access our natural ability to create.


Classes and workshops invite us to express our inner voice through every creative modality we wish to explore. The creative process becomes an ally on our path and a vessel for intuition and guidance.

"Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: pure creative energy. When we open ourselves to our creativity, we open ourselves to the creator's creativity within us and our lives. We are, ourselves, creations. And we, in turn, are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves."(Julia Cameron)

What is Intuitive Art?




When we connect with the intuitive art process, we connect with our soul.

We paint, draw, write, dance or sing from within.

The highest part of ourselves is in charge of the experience if we allow it. We invite the body to co-create

from its infinite intelligence and connection with the whole. We encourage the mind to relax

and surrender to the experience. 

Art becomes a tool for pure self-expression, healing, and transformation. 

"Intuitive art is a method of creating art that emerges from a relationship between an artist and their intuition. Intuitive art can include different practices and arts modality."


How does a class unfold?

Classes offer an opportunity to explore our inner world in relationship to the theme provided. Some gentle guidance supports and fosters the entire process. However, everything is an invitation, and participants are completely free within their creative practice.

A class often starts with a little check-in and sharing of intentions. Then, we relax and ground our energy with some guided meditationFrom a relaxed and more centered place, we can begin our creative exploration with painting, drawing, journaling or any other modality, depending on the course or workshop. 

Participants can work on any subject, emotion, or thought they wish to explore throughout the process. However, I always provide a general theme. 

The session often follows an energetic wave supported by music and guidance. 

We might access different aspects of the creative process and connect with our internal gifts. We became the witness of our journey, which is unfolding in front of our eyes throughout the painting (for example). 

We might release energy, connect with deep emotions, or access vision and guidance. Through the practice, we expand our energetic field and connect with something bigger than ourselves. We transform and alchemise resistance and open up to the new.

We then close the session with a gentle circle and sharing to integrate our experience. We connect with our breath and ground further and prepare to return to the world. 

Art in Sacred Space

All the classes and workshops are within a Sacred Space. 

A sacred space is a safe and protected space. It is the space of the heart where only compassion, love and deep awareness can enter. Within a circle of love, every experience is more supported and held. 

To create a sacred space, we need our intention. We can also use candles, incense, and prayers. I connect with the energy of the elements of nature and the medicine wheel, which provide a stable and centering container for all the work. 

Creating art in a sacred space allows us to explore our creative energy in a very profound way. The space supports us and holds us tightly so that we can access the full potential of the creative process with much more grace and ease.

Some reviews of our classes and courses

"My favourite word is ineffable - unable to be expressed with human words, that's the gratitude I feel for these 6 weeks!" H

"It was a wonderful journey within. I looked deep into my soul and remembered some very essential memories and values I am holding within - things I perhaps don't think about on daily basis" J

"A lovely peaceful course that lets you explore your spirituality through paint and play!" C

It was a reminder to be with myself. Of course, we are all with ourselves all the time but stopping and remembering to be so can be problematic. But taking the time to be consciously here was what I needed" H

"In particular I liked trying to go beyond my security and listening more to my intuition; sharing good energies" S



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