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Trusting the process

What does it really mean "trusting the process"? To me, this is a very powerful affirmation that very often allows us to find unexpected doors and exciting new adventures. However, sometimes what we experience is not exactly what we have in mind and that can feel a little bit frightening of course.

There is a bigger plan for all of us, and somehow we are "simply" moving through it. This movement always exists, no matter how little or slow, it is always present in our experience. When we are in the "flow" is easy to enjoy the ride and feel the beauty of life. But when things are not manifesting the way we want other feelings may come along too. In those moments we can truly practice faith and trust.

The process at work includes every little step, every experience, and all the people we meet on our path. The world that surrounds us is merely a mirror of our inner world. We are mirroring each other constantly. Whatever we experience is a manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs, which unfortunately are often guided by past experiences and conditioning. Test it out. Things that we find a bit annoying in others are often simply a reflection of parts of ourselves. We are growing together, helping each other to acknowledge, love and accept every aspect of our being, so it makes perfect sense.

Our soul has a bigger plan than our mind. Our soul knows that plan and follows it constantly. Our soul is a very important part of our being and always wants our highest good. However, our definition of good may be a little bit different, and that is when trust comes in.

Listening to our wishes, dreams, and desires is a great way to widen our vision and to have a glimpse of that bigger plan at work. Whether you are on a spiritual path or not, listen to the desires of your heart as they are the real key to connecting with your soul.

(Photo by Greg Rakozy)

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