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Workshops & Courses


Our classes are held in different locations in Edinburgh and Online.
Past and present venues & collaborations include St.Margaret's House, Santosa Yoga & Medi
tation Studio, The Planetary Healing Centre, The Handmade Factory, and Sunshine Yoga Studio.
Below you will find a list of our upcoming events.
You can book your space directly through the website but if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch  07556575645.

Please note that Shamanic Healing Trainings, Feather Stone & Usui Reiki Training are not listed below.
You can find all the information on www.innerlighth



Shamanic Journeys

Friday 15th March, 5.30-7pm

Santosa Wellness Centre,


Explorign the 7 directions.png
Coming soon

Art in Sacred Space

Exploring the 7 Directions

June - July 2024 (date TBC)

Intro to Shamanic Journeys_April.png


to Shamanic Journeys

Sunday 7th April, 2-6pm

Santosa Wellness Centre, Edinburgh

Coming soon

Art in Sacred Space

Journey into Creation

new date TBC

Embodying the 4 Elements_Intuitive Art Course.png

Art in Sacred Space

Embodying the 4 Elements

Tue 7th - 28th May, 6-8pm

St.Margaret's House,


Leaflet_Through True Nature_Creativeflow Arts and Dove Light (updated).png
Coming soon

Through/True Nature

in collaboration with Palma Mule (movemenet & wellbeing practitioner)

new date TBC

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