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Guided Meditation & Relaxation

Guided meditation and relaxation practices invite us to reconnect with our natural rhythm

and experience the flowing of life.

Sessions can last between between thirty to ninty minutes. I often incorporate guided

visualisation, nature imagery, and sound, which nurture our imagination

and strengthen the connection with our intuitive side.

Through the years, I explored and offered different modalities. A few samples are listed below. 

The offering constantly evolves and trasforms with the expansion of my personal awareness

and development within the practice itself. 

"Meditation is often described as the art of being present.

If we are fully present we are meditating, and have the power to transform everything

that we experience into a meditation practice."

"As relaxation deepen the quality of our inner awareness comes closer to our

natural state of being. We come home to ourselves, to the rhythm of our soul,

and can see once again who we truly are."

Some FREE recordings are available here

Creative Meditation

This guided practice offer a creative approach to meditation and

can include different art materials and modalities.

The invitation is to embrace the present moment, allowing mind, body, and spirit to come into a restful state of pure alignment. The sessions start with a gentle guided meditation to connect with our creative energy, let go of our day and relax. Then, we enter our art practice and explore any feeling, situation, or thought directly through the creative process.


Reiki Meditation




The Japanese word Reiki can be translated in “spiritual healing" or "universal life force energy". The practice of Reiki can be associated with the image of a flowing river. Imagine that we receive the energy of life at all times, and it flows through us like the water of a river. When there is flow, we experience our natural state of wellbeing. Sometimes, stones or death branches might come across the river bank and obstruct the fluidity that naturally comes through. Reiki works on removing these obstacles, restoring the natural flow of our energy.

This gentle meditation, combined with the energy of Reiki, invites us to experience

a deep state of relaxation and restoration.


Earth Meditation





Each class incorporates a guided visualisation and relaxation practice. We first take care of ourselves, and then offer some positive thoughts to our planet. We are intrinsically connected to our environment, and there is no separation. The Earth can offer us incredibly healing energy, and we can also support her inner process and expansion with our gratitude and love.  

Our connection with the Earth and Mother Nature is the ultimate healing.

Through this practice, we receive the loving energies of nature and then send

our intention of healing gratitude back to the Earth.

Image by Arnaud Mesureur

Shamanic Journeys

photo credits Lilia Dolicher

Shamanic journeys are guided meditations that help us to expand our consciousness and awareness. Through the experience, we can explore and deepen our relationship with the Soul, the Earth, the Sky, and all of Nature.

The gifts of this ancient practice are many. We can reawaken our soul knowledge into the body and receive all the support we need. We can access a vision or guidance for the path ahead. We can raise our vibration and clear away dusty energy from our field, and much more.

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