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Energy Tips to help you protect your system

Considering the current situation we are facing around the world and the spreading of this virus it is very important to support our system as much as possible. Below there are a series of energy tips that you can apply to your everyday life as extra support for yourself and your loved ones.

1 Drink lots of water It feels like an obvious thing, but it is not. Sometimes we are so busy that we forget to drink. Clean water helps our system to detoxify and remain clean and hydrated. Make sure that you have a glass of good water around throughout your day. 2 Wear a green crystal over the heart Crystals are a very useful tool to protect our energy field from any sort of intrusive unwanted energy. The world out there is pretty buzzy and crystals can strengthen and shield our energy from external influences. More than ever a crystal around our heart center can be a great ally. Green crystals include emerald, aquamarine, peridot, amazonite and any other crystal that contains some green shades. If you don't have a green crystal and/or feel drawn towards a different one please follow your intuition and go for it. 3 Gently tap the body Yes, use your hands to tap the body gently. From the top of your heads to the tips of your toes. This is a great way to remove dusty energy, stuff accumulated throughout the day, stress, etc. 4 Flick your fingers or rub your hands As my teacher always says flicking your fingers together creates a little sparkle of light that can burn and combust away unuseful energy. A very simple but useful tip! Also, rubbing the palms of your hands together has a similar effect. Imagine that you are cleaning your hands energetically, this is exactly what you are truly doing. 5 Bubble of energy Use visualization techniques to clear and protect your energy field. Imagine or simply think of a beautiful bubble of light that is surrounding your entire body. The bubble can be of any colour, green, purple, white, golden, you choose. Welcome the energy of love, light, and peace into this bubble and feel within the body its calming and protective energy. Close your eyes and focus your attention inward to sense the subtle shift of your energy. 6 Use stones Stones as crystals are powerful tools to work with. They can keep us grounded when things shake up our lives a bit. Meditate with a stone in your hand can help to centre the mind. Also, the stones can absorb from your body all that you no longer need as they act like sponges. Placing a stone around the body can support relaxation and remove stagnant energy. 7 Breath It sounds obvious but again, as for the water, in stressful time is can be easy to forget to breathe. Our breath is our greatest medicine, remember that. Take some time throughout the day simply to breathe. Breathing through the belly it will help you to relax the mind and move your attention out of your head. When you inhale expand the belly out, like a balloon, and when you exhale squeeze it towards the spine. When you notice that some fear or tension is coming up using this type of breathing can help. 8 Connect with the Sun The Sun is life, a vital energy source available to all. Yet, during this time it can be tricky to connect physically with it. Use an image of the sun, and/or a meditation to connect with its energy. By simply thinking about the sun you are connecting with its healing property. Give it a try. Close your eyes and imagine that gentle rays of sunlight are warming up your face. Breath this light in through the pores of your skin. It is not necessary to see a clear image of the sun within your mind, you can simply have a sense, a feeling of the experience. Thinking about the sun will be enough. You can paint the sun too, and that can be a fun activity to do. 9 Smudging Smoke is an ancient way to clear energy. You can use sage, palo santo or simply incense. You can pass some smoke around the corners of your room/flat or simply allow the smoke to move around in its way. Candles are good for clearing the energy too. 10 Grounding Connecting to the Earth through the soles of our feet can be a very beneficial activity. It helps to release magnetism, and any form of stress accumulated within the physical body. A simple walk in a park is therapeutic more than we realise. If you cannot access a natural place, imagine that through the soles of your feet some golden roots are connecting you with the centre of the planet. Allow these roots to absorb all that you longer need and to recharge your energy as well.

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