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Returning to the senses

Returning to the senses - Breathing in the love of Mother Earth

Open your eyes and awakens the senses Listen to the call of life, breathe the world in Feel the wind on your face Welcome the blessings of the sky We are beings of light, of pure consciousness, but are also embodied presence into this physical plane. We are here to enjoy life through our senses and to experience connection with Spirit, with each other and every living creature on Earth. The spiritual path is a sacred one, the ancient way of the Earth. The path of the body is a sacred one too, the ancient way of the Earth. Both ways bring us the awareness required to access the truth of our hearts. They are essential to life, and to our journey into this world. Often, when we are in search of the light, we move into the spirit world, where we can see our Soul and connect to its highest purpose. However, we can access our Soul and Spirit directly through our physical body as well. The manifestation of the Soul is mirrored in our physical reality, which of course, includes our physical bodies too. We have five precious senses that act as sensitive lenses through which we can experience life. They are our greatest gifts here on Earth. Through these senses, we can see, taste, smell, feel, and hear the love of mother Earth. The love that we are seeking to experience is constantly surrounding our bodies. We can find it in the singing of the birds, in the warmth of the sun. We can embrace it through the fragrance of a rose or the gentle touch of a loved one. The beauty of a starry night can tell us about that love too, and the taste of freshwater can also become its full expression. Nature is a pure manifestation of love, a concrete demonstration of the care and support that always comes on our way. There is no day that passes without the flow of that love, the unconditional love of the Earth. It is unconditional because it doesn’t ask anything in return. It appreciates our kindness and gratitude but it doesn’t rely on it. The animals and plants show their gratitude by protecting the planet, by working together in the cycle of life. And we as humans can do the same if we choose to.

We can open to receive that love through our body, mind, and soul, simply by focusing our attention on its existence. We can become a bridge of that love too, simply by telling others of its existence. Together we can release whatever is stopping everyone on Earth to access and experience the gift of life.

The world does not need to be a hostile place. If that love becomes our guide, the change that we are all seeking will envelop the planet and will change everything. We can affect our past, present, and future by consciously receiving that love through our physical senses. We can decide to receive and then complete the circle of life by giving back.

Photo credit Roman Kraft

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