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Creativeflow Intuitive Art, Meditation & Therapy provides a safe and positive space for exploration, free expression, and healing. The project aims to create a nurturing ground for your authentic self and invites you to explore the beauty of your creative energy.


Elisa is an intuitive artist, therapist, and teacher based in Edinburgh.

She studied Fine Arts & Children's Books Illustrations between Turin

and London and trained in Energy Healing, Shamanism & Meditation

in Scotland. 

Elisa's creative journey has been inspired and shaped by the work of Natalie Rogers, Julia Cameron, Anna Halprin, Gabrielle Roth, Paulo Freire, and many other beautiful teachers and guides. Another great source of creative inspiration has been and still is Mother Nature, as well as all the students, colleagues, family, and friends she encounters on the path.

Within the past few years, Elisa had the chance to collaborate with several Charities and Community groups and deliver art & wellbeing activities for adults and children. Past and present collaborations include Leonard Cheshire Disability, Girotondo Children's Club, Care for Carers, Sunshine Yoga, Santosa Wellness Centre, The Alma Project, The Community Foundation for Planetary Healingand the University of Copenhagen.

Through the Creativeflow Arts project Elisa provides a safe and nurturing environment where people can connect with the beauty of their souls and rediscover their natural capacity to create. Her practice is nature-based and focuses on awakening the heart and the creative energy within. Elisa's work aims to support and facilitate a deep process of self-discovering, empowerment, and healing. She holds the space with love, kindness, and care, allowing the creative process to unfold by simply facilitating its journey.


My journey through the Arts

I studied Fine Arts in a proper academic setting in my hometown of Turin (Italy) and then further expanded my practice into a more intuitive and holistic modality in London and Edinburgh. While discovering the art world and my own creativity, I realised that the word "art" was often surrounded by fears, limitations and conditioning. Through my own artistic exploration it became clear that many people were suffering from creative blocks, including myself. I then embarked into a creative life journey where the process of creation and its powerful energy revealed to be nurturing, transformative and deeply healing. My artworks became the expression of my soul, some higher consciousness, and life itself. 

Through the years, I have covered many different positions within the art sector. I worked as Creative Director, Visual Artist, Illustrator, Gallery Assistant and Art Tutor. I found myself re-discovering the creative process over and over before finally seeing its most profound and transformative gifts. After exploring and integrating several holistic studies, I realised that creativity is our internal source of energy. It is, in essence, the purest expression of our true potential as human beings and spiritual beings alike. Painting, writing, dancing, singing, and any other form of intuitive arts have the potential to  restore the natural Blueprint of our origin. They can create an incredible amount of magic and beauty in our lives. They can help us to explore our identity and the world around us. But most importantly, they are a tool for awakening into our soul consciouness and remember the interconnection with life and the cosmo. The simplicity of these practices is intrinsically rooted in our bodies and souls. We all have the right to access the gifts of the creative process, and bridging this tool to its form of origin has been my mission ever since.

Discovering Energy Healing

I had a strong connection with the energy world since childhood, but only as an adult I consciously explored its gifts. When I was little, I was aware of the energy pulsating around me, but I assumed that was a very "normal" experience. I also remember having a constant question floating across my mind "who am I?". That question became a powerful guiding compass throughout my life and led me to do the work I am offering now.


There was a lot for me to understand and heal before I could move into a place of remembering and connecting with my True self. Through the years, I have experienced several practices and traditions. I explored Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, Shamanism, Tantra and Meditation and also deepened my studies in expressive arts, conscious movement, drama and voice work. Integration time and daily practices eventually allowed me to start the embodiment process of my gifts as a Soul. Many things have changed, and still are changing, in my reality since I started to wake up and see within the veil of this illusive world. It is always important to remember that waking up never ends, and there is no destination within the journey of self-discovery. We are all on a path of remembering and reassembling all the aspects of who we are. However, the speed of this journey is incredibly unique and touches many different layers, and lifetimes as well.  

I believe that energy healing is the most natural form of healing, and as well as creativity is available to all of us. It is part of who we are at the deepest core of our being. Studies around the world have now shown repeatedly that our solid reality simply is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Everything is energy. Remembering our true self and the Truth behind this world can empower our lives and support the development of our full potential as souls and human beings.

I currently offer sessions and trainings in Shamanic Healing, Feather StoneReiki, and Intuitive Arts. I also hold Ceremonies, sessions in Divine Healing and a combination of Intuitive art & Energy healing (Energy Art).

More information about the Energy Healing Sessions & Trainings I offer

can be found on

Elisa is a member of the PVG Scheme and have a full Public Liability Insurance as artist, holistic therapist and teacher.​ If you wish to find out more about her personal work please visit


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