Creativeflow Intuitive Art, Meditation & Therapy provides a safe and positive space for exploration, free expression, and healing. The project aims to nurture your true authentic self and invites you to explore the beauty of your creative energy.


My name is Elisa, (or Elise) and I am a visual artist and holistic therapist based in Edinburgh. I studied Fine Arts & Children Illustrations between Turin and London and trained in Energy Healing & Meditation here in Scotland.

Through the years my journey has been inspired by the work of Natalie Rogers, Julia Cameron, Anna Halprin, Paulo Freire, and many other wonderful teachers and guides. A great inspiration always comes from nature as well, from the people of my life and all the students that are attending my classes.

In the past, I had the chance to collaborate with several Charities and Community groups in the delivery of art & wellbeing activities for adults and children. Collaborations include Leonard Cheshire Disability, Girotondo Children's Club, Care for Carers, Sunshine Yoga, and The Studio Santosa.


Through Creativeflow I provide a safe and nurturing environment where people can connect with the beauty of their souls and access their deepest dreams. I hold the space with love, kindness, and care, allowing the healing process to unfold by simply facilitating its journey. My work.aims to support and facilitate a deep process of self-discovering, creation, empowerment, and healing.


My journey through the Arts


I studied Fine Arts in a proper academic setting and worked as a self-employed artist for the past few years. While exploring the art world and discovering my own creativity I realised that the word "art" was often surrounded by fears. I enjoyed every single experience, working as a Creative Director, Visual Artist, Illustrator, and Art Tutor, and learned a lot from all the people I met along the way. I also found myself rediscovering the creative process over and over before finally seeing its truest gifts. ​I noticed that after creating some art from within something was shifting in my inner world and outer reality. Then I became very interested in the connection between the mind, body, and spirit and gradually developed a practice in yoga and meditation as well. I realised that creativity was directly connected to our internal source of energy and it could really help us to explore our identity and the world around us. Painting, writing, dancing, singing and any other form of intuitive art expression can create lots of magic and beauty in our lives. The simplicity of these practices is intrinsically rooted in our bodies and souls. Becoming aware of our whole self is a precious gift that we all have the right as well as the need to experience.

Discovering Energy Healing

I believe that energy healing is the most natural form of healing, and as well as creativity is available to everyone. It is part of who we are at the deepest core of our being. Studies around the world have now shown repeatedly that our solid reality simply is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Remembering who we are and the truth about this world can empower our lives and support the development of our full potential.

I was very connected to the energy world since childhood but only five years ago I started to consciously explore its gifts. My understanding is growing gently and steadily, shifting and changing my way of perceiving all the aspects of life.

I offer ReikiFeather Stone Energy HealingShamanic Healing and also a combination of intuitive art and energy healing (Energy Art). I love to combine meditation, energy therapies with intuitive art as the process offers a wonderful way to explore the mind, the body, and the soul.

More information about the Energy Healing Sessions & Trainings that I offer

can be found on https://www.innerlighthealingstudio.com/

I collaborate with The Alma Project and offer art & relaxing activities that aim to support mental health and wellbeing. I contribute to the Holistic Health Project at The Planetary Healing Centre,  where I work with adults and children in a therapeutic setting. I also support The Healing Hands Reiki Community Clinic in Leith.

Currently, I am also progressing my studies in Shamanic Healing with the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre, and I am exploring Movement practices such as Conscious Dance and Qigong.

I am a member of the PVG Scheme and of the Scottish Artists Union, and I have a full Public Liability Insurance as an artist and holistic therapist.


If you wish to find out more about my personal work please visit https://artforchanges.com/