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The Basic Principles of the Artist's Way

​The Artist's Way is the wonderful creation of Julia Cameron, an American teacher, writer and artist. This book can be a supportive and inspiring guide through the discovering and recovering of your creative self. It had a very positive impact on my life and very often I recommend it during the classes.

Below you can find the 10 Basic Principles, a very effective tool included in the book. Read them through once a day if you can, and see what happens :)

1. Creativity is the natural order of life. Life is energy: pure creative energy. 2. There is an underlying, in-dwelling creative force infusing all of life -- including ourselves. 3. When we open ourselves to our creativity, we open ourselves to the creator's creativity within us and our lives. 4. We are, ourselves, creations. And we, in turn, are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves. 5. Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. (God is intended as the Source energy) 6. The refusal to be creative is self-will and is counter to our true nature. 7. When we open ourselves to exploring our creativity, we open ourselves to God: good orderly direction. 8. As we open our creative channel to the creator, many gentle but powerful changes are to be expected. 9. It is safe to open ourselves up to greater and greater creativity. 10. Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a divine source. As we move toward our dreams, we move toward our divinity.

Julia Cameron

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