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What is energy healing?

Studies have shown that everything in our world is in constant motion. All the things that we perceive as solid are essentially made by a similar substance called energy. The density of this energy can change depending on its vibration and frequency.

We are energy beings with an energy body that is much bigger than our physical one. We all have the ability to sense energy, perhaps we call it "vibe" or "feeling". We can sense energy when we enter a space or when we meet somebody, our intuitive sense is a very accurate one.

Energy flows through us all the time. I like to imagine energy like a river that flows naturally through our body. The water/energy flows constantly through us but if there is an obstruction, let's say a trunk in the middle of the river, the water might not be able to flow properly. Energy healing is about gently removing that trunk, allowing the natural flow of the energy to get back into place.

Energy healing is the most natural form of healing. The intention of the person requesting the treatment combined with the intention of the practitioner is an essential component of the practice. The healing process can take place on many levels (emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual) but it is always guided by the willingness of the individual to heal, whether this is a conscious or unconscious choice.

My approach involves the practice of Reiki as well as the use of crystals and natural elements. I’m currently progressing my studies in Qigong and Shamanic Healing and am happy to incorporate elements of these practices if requested. I also combine energy healing with art as the process offers a wonderful way to explore the mind, the body and the soul.

Photo credits Ornella Binni

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