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"A lovely tranquil and supportive space was created and held for us by our lovely hostess throughout the workshop - thank you for a relaxing Sunday afternoon." J

"I had had excellent listening support before I saw Elisa and so I had processed my emotions verbally as well as I could have hoped for before the individual painting meditation session. The structured visual experience combined with the freedom to express whatever I needed to express, helped me acknowledge and let go of considerable residual pain and anger. Using a structured non-verbal approach allowed me to go beyond the constraints of how I "should" feel - extremely helpful at that point. 

Beyond the revelation of the technique itself, I was very impressed with Elisa's confident, calm and positive presence. I felt that nothing I depict or do would faze her. I think she is very gifted and I hope that she will have the chance to use this gift to help others as she helped me." L

"I have attended several Creativeflow events, including painting, meditation and reiki, and I can’t recommend them enough. I always enjoy my experiences and come away feeling relaxed and inspired." F

"Each session is different and relaxing. Even though it's a group session you feel it's personalised because Elisa helps you to work around how you feel and translate into art work. I thoroughly recommend her workshops!" N

"Had lots of fun during the event, but started second-guessing myself later that evening (typically me to over-analyse everything!). Have, however, really noticed an improvement in my communication after attending this event (I focused on my throat chakra). So thank you both for a great event" Y



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