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"Creativity is a life force energy that flows like a river through each of us. Art simply offers a way to keep the river flowing"  Natalie Rogers

Welcome to the Intuitive Arts School

Offering Intuitive Arts Workshops & Courses in Edinburgh and Online

Sessions often combines Creative Modalities with Meditation Practices,

Nature Connection and Energy Therapies

**Please note that further information about Energy Therapy & Trainings

are now available through our sister website

Inner Light Healing Studio



Creativeflow Arts provides a safe and positive space for exploration, free expression, and healing. The project aims to create a nurturing ground for your authentic self and invites you to explore the beauty of your creative energy. 

The authentic role of the arts has ancient origins, and it is now time to remember its use and alchemical power. We all are creative beings and have the right to connect with our ability to create and expand our full potential. 

Deep gratitude to all our funders for supporting our work!

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Intuitive Arts

Group & Individual Sessions

Intuitive Painting, Drawing, Clay Work, Collage, Creative Exercises, Movement Practices

& Sound Exploration.



Group & Individual Sessions

Shamanic Meditation & Journeys, Creative Meditation, Reiki Healing Meditation, and Earth Meditation Practices

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Group & Individual Sessions

Shamanic Healing, Feather Stone, Divine Healing Master Key,

Usui Reiki Healing,

& Intuitive Art & Energy  

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