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Art in Sacred Space

Journey into Creation
Sunday 5th November, 10.30-4pm

(we moved the workshop online due to the weather) 

Journey into Creation.png

Welcome to the circle of creation. The event is an invitation to remember, create, and connect. It offers a space where we can grow together through the wisdom of the woodlands and mother earth.


During this workshop, we will explore our capacity to create and manifest through the guidance of the four directions: East, South, West, and North. The four directions represent a compass of creation, the natural flow, and movement of life.

Each direction will offer the opportunity to embrace different practices and creative modalities. Through shamanic journeys, intuitive arts, and nature connection, we will explore our creative selves and full potential as creators at this time.

We are nature and the embodiment of pure creative life force. The intuitive arts invite us to remember and access the vastness of our being in all its aspects and gifts.

The workshop aims to offer a jour
ney of self-discovery into creation and truth. When we come together as a group and connect with the intentions of our hearts,  we expand our capacity to create, and can experience the abundance of life all around us.

EAST - Envisioning the new (receiving guidance through intentions)

SOUTH - Creating the flow (transformation into movement)

WEST - Moving within (introspection and letting go)

NORTH - Embracing stillness (inner growth through contemplation)

Creating art in a sacred space allows us to explore our creative energy in a very profound way. The space supports and holds us tightly so that we can access the full potential of the creative process with much more grace and ease.


Date & Time: Sunday 5th Nov, 10.30 - 4pm 

Exchange: £48/ £44/ £40  The workshop is offered on a sliding scale according to your financial means. This offering aims to transform our perception and approach toward monetary exchange and empower our individual and collective experience.

Our location: The workshop is offered Online via Zoom. The weather in Scotland has been a bit wild recently and we thought that moving the workshop online was the most reasonable thing to do. We trust that more people will be able to access it and benefit from this work. You will receive the Zoom link to your email a couple of days before our sessions (please check the spam folder).

Guidelines for workshops online: 

  • Please create a quiet and relaxing space where you won't be disturbed. Maybe use some incense or light a candle, etc. You are in charge of your physical space.

  • Prepare all the art materials you would need and download Zoom before the class.

  • Set up your computer or mobile device in the same room as your creative area so that the camera can face your painting/drawing and you also have some space to lie dowm or sit comfortably for the guided journey and sharing.

Art Materials Suggestions:

  • **Earth Pigments or Acrylic paint (primary colours: yellow, red, blue, white and black)

  • Paper for painting (A2/A1 if possible) - Lining paper is also fine

  • Paintbrushes (different sizes)

  • Towel (paper or fabric)

  • A bowl of water, to clean your paintbrushes

  • Sponges (optional)

  • Plastic container/palette for the paint (a plate or any plastic container can also work)

  • Newspapers or cardboard, plastic sheet to cover the floor/wall/table (newspapers are a good option to cover the wall)

  • Masking tape (to hang the paper on the wall)

  • A wall or a door where you can hang your paint (if you don't have that you can also paint on a table or on the floor)

  • A little table for the materials

  • A notebook and pen

If you don't have earth pigments or acrylic paint you can use oil pastels or crayons too. However, some paint might allow for more freedom during the process.

Nature Connection:

  • During the workshop we will create some space to spend some time in nature (whether it is your garden, local park or surrounding trees,etc. We will work with what is available and accessible on the day. 

**You can find some art materials through the websites below.

To book your space simply contact 07556575645

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Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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