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The classes provide a safe and positive space for free expression, with the aim to develop an intuitive approach to the creative process. Art is used as a tool for pure self-expression, healing, and transformation.


During the course, we will explore different art materials to enrich our souls and find ways to relax the mind and the body through the creative process. Expect mono-printing, abstract painting, mandala making, and much more!

A short guided meditation opens and closes the practice and helps to slow down and find a quiet space within the mind.

The six weeks course will offer you a taste of different art techniques, and several tools to explore and enjoy the beauty of the creative process. The invitation is for you to slow down and reconnect with your inner rhythm, the rhythm of the Earth. We will work with nature, to travel securely through our being, exploring what is ready to be released and gently moving into a lighter state.



Intuitive Art & Meditation Classes

Explore your intuitive and creative side, experiment with different art materials and relax within a nurturing and supportive space

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Everyone is welcome and no experience is required! All the materials will be provided

New dates to be confirmed


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