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Thrive Fest 2022

Creative Flow - Inner journey
through the Arts

Sat 8th October. 2-5pm, Santosa Wellness Centre
21 Albert Street, Edinburgh EH7 5LH

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The workshop is part of ThriveFest 2022 and funded by Thrive Edinburgh. 

ThriveFest takes place around the World Mental Health Day (WMH Day) to highlight the key role that arts have to our sense of self, identity, purpose, and wellbeing.

The event offers a relaxing afternoon of creativity, self-expression, and community. Through intuitive art practices and guided meditation, we will explore the creative process and generate an experience of flow.


Often we refer to “creative flow” as the moment or space in which we can easily access inspiration, insights, and creativity. In this state, we are present in our bodies, and the mind can relax. When we fully embrace our experience, we can access a sense of freedom, connection, and joy.


During the workshop, we will explore different ways to connect with this sense of fluidity in our creative practice and life. We will work with several intuitive art modalities and discover how they can well support each other and allow the expression of different aspects of ourselves.

Our location: Santosa Wellness Centre,  21 Albert St, Edinburgh EH7 5LH.

What to bring: a blanket for relaxation 

The event is funded by Thrive Edinburgh and tickets are free. To book your space please contact 07556575645 (Elisa).




We look forward to seeing you soon!

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