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Creating Art in a Sacred Space


Full Joy

Intuitive Painting & Meditation Workshop

Sunday the 28th of June, 5-7pm





Embrace the movement and joy that the Summer season is sharing with us. The sun is strong and warm, and all the plants are in blossom. We are ready to receive the mature fruits of our growth, and the gift of transformation is waiting for us all. This season invites us to trust who we are on a deeper level and allows our emotions to flow freely.

Joy is an energy of wholeness and deep presence. It is the energy of life moving through the smile of a young child. Despite the big change and challenges happening in our world, we can still access a sense of joy within our hearts. We can connect with the inner child within ourselves and remember the gift of life once again.


Together we will make a little journey supported by the teachings of the Medicine Wheel. We will explore the South direction, the energy of Summer, and growth. Through guided imageryintuitive painting, and journaling, we will listen to the season and connect with its deepest rhythm.

Creating art in a sacred space allows us to go a little bit deeper and fully embrace our creative potential. The sacred space supports us and holds us tightly so that we can move through the entire process with ease and grace.

Where: on Zoom

When: Sunday the 28th of June, 5-7pm

Exchange: £22.00 per person (£18.00 Concession). A few places are available by donation, simply email me.


Please make sure that you have some acrylic paint (primary colours) and some paper.  Normally we work on A2 but you can also stick a few A4 together with some masking tape. Oil pastels and crayons can work too, however some paint will allow more freedom during the process.

Everyone is welcome and no experience in painting or meditation is required.


For further information simply phone/text 07556575645 or email

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Guidelines for online painting workshops - What do you need?

Acrylic paint (primary colours: yellow, red, blue, white and black)

Paper for painting (A2 if possible) - Lining paper is also fine

Paintbrushes (different sizes)

Towel (paper or fabric)

A bowl of water, to clean your paintbrushes

Sponges (optional)

Plastic container/palette for the paint (a plate or any plastic container can also work)

Newspapers or cardboard, plastic sheet to cover the floor/wall (newspapers are a good option to cover the wall)

Masking tape (to hang the paper on the wall)

A quiet space where you won't be disturbed (create a relaxing space, maybe use some incense or light a candle..)

A wall or a door where you can hang your paint (if you don't have that you can also paint on a table or on the floor)

A little table for the materials

Download Zoom before the class

If you don't have acrylic paint you can use oil pastels or crayons too. However, some paint will allow more freedom during the process.


Set up your computer or mobile device in the same room as your painting area so that the camera is facing your painting and you also have some space to sit for the guided meditation and short intro chat.


See you online!

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