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 Community Art

Open Studio Classes

Creating art together

Wed the 6th of Jan - 3rd of Feb 6-7.30pm


A very gentle approach to the creative process, suitable for everyone. When we create art together in a safe space, our creativity can expand and flourish. We, as a community of human beings and creative souls, can support each other.

These classes aim to offer you the space to connect with like minded people, to explore the beauty of the creative process, and to find some time to simply let go into the paper what you no longer need. Each week we will start with a different guided imagery/meditation, to relax the mind and the body, then we will move into our creative practice.

Please note that there is little guidance during the creative process itself. The classes create a safe space for you to access your own creative gifts and to move within the process in your own unique way.

There is no need to have previous experience, the only requirement is an open mind willing to play and experiment.

Where: The classes will take place online via Zoom.

When: Wed the 6th of Jan - Wed the 3rd of Feb, 6-7.30pm

Exchange: £28.00 Block of four classes (promotional price)

Materials suggested: plain A4 or A3 sketchbook, oil pastels, acrylic paint, glue stick or PVA, paper for collage (magazines, newspapers, colourful paper, or tissue paper).


Everyone is welcome and no experience in painting or meditation is required

For further information and to book simply email

or phone/text 07556575645.

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