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 Art in Sacred Space

Creative Heart

Cacao Ceremony & Art

Bookings closed

the next ceremony will be announced soon

Nourish the heart and connect with your creative energy through the guidance of Cacao medicine. The workshop invites you to create from your heart, and acknowledge your true dreams and desires.

It is time for all of us to move into our heart space and allow our soul to guide our life. Only then we can experience true flow and the real magic of this reality. When we remember that we are love we can truly flourish and can become a positive mirror for others.

The workshop combines Cacao Ceremony, Shamanic Meditation and Intuitive Painting. There is no need to have previous experience in any of these practices, the only requirement is a gentle and open mind.


This event is in collaboration with Maria Fatme from Aya Pacha, a wonderful project that promotes sustainable & natural products, and ancestral medicine

Cacao is an ancestral medicine that has been found to be used in South America as far back as 5450 years ago in the highlands of Ecuador by the ancient culture Mayo Chinchipe.

Archeological contemporary findings show that Cacao was used for ritual and ceremonial purposes but also as an every day super food because of the various nutritional compounds such as Theobromine, an important compound responsible of converting the food into energy in our body. This is the reason why Cacao has been named as The Food of the Goods by ancient civilizations such as Mayan, Aztec and Inka.

The workshop will take place online via Zoom. You can purchase our Cacao or also use your own. Please only make sure that you use sustainable organic Cacao. Below there are some guidance for painting online and all the materials required.

Where: on Zoom (The link will be sent to your email about 20 mins before the event)

When: Bookings closed - the next ceremony will be announced soon

Exchange: To celebrate the new year we offer you a promotional price :)

£35/£30 Cacao included (a small bag will be sent directly to your home)

£30/£25 Cacao not included

The workshop is offered on a sliding scale according to your financial means


For further information and to register your interest for the next ceremony simply contact us at 07556575645 (Elisa) or Aya Pacha 07411220030 (Maria).

Art Materials: Acrylic paint (primary colours) and paper. Normally we work on A2/A3 but you can also stick a few A4 together with some masking tape. Oil pastels and crayons can work too, however some paint will allow more freedom during the process.


Guidelines for online painting workshops - What do you need?

Acrylic paint (primary colours: yellow, red, blue, white and black)

Paper for painting (A2 if possible) - Lining paper is also fine

Paintbrushes (different sizes)

Towel (paper or fabric)

A bowl of water, to clean your paintbrushes

Sponges (optional)

Plastic container/palette for the paint (a plate or any plastic container can also work)

Newspapers or cardboard, plastic sheet to cover the table/floor/wall (newspapers are a good option to cover the wall)

A quiet space where you won't be disturbed (create a relaxing space, maybe use some incense or light a candle..)

A wall or a door where you can hang your paint (if you don't have that you can also paint on a table or on the floor)

Masking tape (to hang the paper on the wall)

Pen or pencil and paper for some journaling

A little table for the materials

Download Zoom before the class


Set up your computer or mobile device in the same room as your painting area so that the camera is facing your painting and you also have some space to sit for the guided meditation and short intro chat.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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